Invasive species control and eradication

BRS have been involved with research, planning, control and eradication of a variety of invasive species worldwide.

These species include; three rat species, feral cats, rabbits, mice, mustelids, pigs, goats, sheep, black-backed gulls, Indian mynas and wasps.

We have worked on these species on several sub-antarctic islands, the New Zealand mainland, subtropical islands, tropical islands from the Galapagos to Mauritius, the Seychelles, the British Indian Ocean Territory and in the Arctic.  Grant was involved with the largest black rat, mouse and rabbit eradication to date, on 12800ha Macquarie Island.

BRS can provide assistance with planning and implementation of control and eradication or provide the staff to oversee projects and train local staff or volunteers.  We are well versed with a variety of techniques that involve trapping, toxin application on the ground or aerially, firearms or habitat management.  These methods can be combined with our experience in biosecurity to ensure an island remains pest-free.

We can assess planned or current invasive species control or eradication projects to ensure they have the best chances of success.