Endangered bird population recovery

All our staff have extensive experience with threatened bird species and their recovery.  We have either managed or been a team member of the kakapo programme in New Zealand, during the recovery from 50 birds to over 125, and the echo parakeet recovery in Mauritius, Indian Ocean.  When we began the echo parakeet population was about 60 individuals but has now climbed to over 300.  In addition we have worked with the endangered Forbe's parakeet on the Mangere Island, yellow-eyed penguins on Rakura/Stewart Island, rock-hopper penguins on Campbell Island, Gibson's Albatross on Adams Island, kaka and great spotted kiwi and takahe in New Zealand.

During this work we have developed an extensive range of skills from handling to mist-netting, ringing, telemetry, monitoring of productivity and breeding success, habitat use and assessing reasons for population declines.

BRS can assess risks to a threatened bird population in a variety of ecosystems and can initiate a programme of species recovery using local staff, volunteers or BRS.