Biodiversity Restoration Specialists can undertake a variety of techniques for species recovery or ecosystem restoration.  Species recovery on an island can often depend a mix of methods which could include close-order breeding management tied with invasive predator control and control of invasion by possible competitors.  Our services are complimentary and BRS can provide one or more service depending on the solution required.


Invasive species control and eradication

Feral cat Rakiura


The BRS team have eradicated rats on 3 tropical islands, eradicated goats on an 80ha island in Antigua and four invasive bird species on Assumption and Mahe islands in the Seychelles and on Socotra (Yemen).

BRS have been involved with research, planning, control and eradication of a variety of invasive species worldwide.

These species include; three rat species, feral cats, mustelids (stoats), rabbits, mice, mustelids, pigs, goats, sheep, black-backed gulls, red-whiskered bulbuls, madagascan fodies, ring-necked parakeets, Indian mynas and wasps.

We have worked on these species on several sub-antarctic islands, the New Zealand mainland, subtropical islands, tropical islands from the Galapagos to Mauritius, the Seychelles, Antigua,  the British Indian Ocean Territory, the Orkney Islands, and in the Arctic.  Grant was involved with the largest black rat, mouse and rabbit eradication to date, on 12800ha Macquarie Island and has eradicated black rats on islands in the Indian Ocean.  Peter has eradicated crows, bulbuls and fodies, and ring-necked parakeets on several islands in the Indian Ocean.

BRS can provide assistance with planning and implementation of control and eradication operations or provide the staff to oversee projects and train local staff or volunteers.  We are well versed with a variety of techniques that involve trapping, toxin application on the ground or aerially, firearms or habitat management.  These methods can be combined with our experience in biosecurity to ensure an island remains pest-free.

BRS can provide eradication or control plans for a wide range of invasive species and can assess planned or current invasive species control or eradication projects to ensure they have the best chances of success.


Endangered bird population recoveryForbes Pkeet 1 small

 All our staff have extensive experience with threatened bird species and their recovery.  We have either managed or been a team member of the kakapo programme in New Zealand, during the recovery from 50 birds to over 125, and the echo parakeet recovery in Mauritius, Indian Ocean.  When we began the echo parakeet population was about 60 individuals but has now climbed to over 300.  In addition we have worked with the endangered Forbe's parakeet on the Mangere Island, yellow-eyed penguins on Rakura/Stewart Island, rock-hopper penguins on Campbell Island, Gibson's Albatross on Adams Island, kaka and great spotted kiwi and takahe in New Zealand.

During this work we have developed an extensive range of skills from handling to mist-netting, ringing, telemetry, monitoring of productivity and breeding success, habitat use and assessing reasons for population declines.

BRS can assess risks to a threatened bird population in a variety of ecosystems and can initiate a programme of species recovery using local staff, volunteers or BRS.


Island Biosecurity assessment and training

Aldabra resupply copy

BRS have over 30 years experience on small islands worldwide and their protection from invasive alien species.  Out staff have been involved with protecting numerous islands from unwanted species using a variety of techniques from habitat management to use of toxins and trapping.

We can assess island biosecurity, provide biosecurity plans and provide advice or planning for practical solutions to minimise risk from unwanted species.  Where required BRS can train local staff with a tailor-made programme, whether as part of a whole eradication and biosecurity package or to reduce invasion risk to an threatened species.


Ecological Surveys, monitoring and research

Aldabra rat trapping 4

Our extensive experience with a variety of species and habitats worldwide means we can provide the most cost effective methods for ecological surveys and species assessments, either native or introduced.  We can provide training for local staff, assist with the establishment of short or long-term monitoring projects. 

We can provide reports, plans and feasibility studies on a wide range of project types.

Our skills include: stable isotope analysis, DNA sampling, density estimates, distance sampling, habitat selection analysis, bird counts, burrowing seabird monitoring, rodent indices, telemetry studies, bird breeding success, rat identification, population dynamics.

In addition BRS can combine ecological monitoring with our other services like invasive species control to provide a holistic approach to the restoration of an ecosystem or species' population.