The staff of Biodiversity Restoration Specialists have been involved with a variety of projects over recent years.  Below are some of the highlights of current and recent operations:

Lord Howe Island (Australia)

Grant has been managing the ground based black rat and mice eradication operation on Lord Howe Island in 2019, which has involved managing 60 staff and the use of 22,000 bait stations throughout the inhabited part of the island, home to some 350 people. 


The BRS team has conducted feasibility assessments and drafted eradication plans for invasive rats and feral cats on islands in the British Virgin Islands, Anguilla and the Turks and Caicos Islands.

French Polynesia

Ouvea skink webpage

BRS has assessed the reasons for the failure of a previous rat eradication attempt on Kamaka Island, Gambiers, French Polynesia, and has conducted feasibility and eradication planning for a forthcoming rat eradication on Beautemps Beaupre Island, New Caledonia.


Christmas Island (Australia)

Xmas Island webpage

Grant has been instrumental in the recent review of the Christmas Island Cat Eradication Programme and the compilation of the new Cat Eradication Plan for Christmas Island.

Pitcairn Islands

Henderson Island pigeon

BRS has undertaken an assessment of an eradication failure on the World Heritage Site of Henderson Island in 2012 and more recently has assessed the biosecurity and and feasibility of a rat eradication on Pitcairn Island in addition to providing a detailed  eradication plan for Pacific rats and feral cats.  Grant is currently involved in a re-assessment of combining the Pitcairn Island and Henderson Island eradication operations.


British Indian Ocean Territory

Chagos bait station

A successful ground-based black rat eradication operation was carried out by BRS and the Chagos Conservation Trust on three islands in this archipelago in 2014. 


Aldabra Atoll, Seychelles

Aldabra rat trapping small

 BRS was contracted by the Seychelles Island Foundation to carry out research on the introduced rats and cats on this World Heritage Site and draft an eradication plan.  A biosecurity plan and eradication plan for the atoll has been recently completed and two peer-reviewed papers on the rats there have recently been published.


Assumption and Mahe Islands, Seychelles

2012 11 10 15.31.11

Eradication of red-whiskered bulbuls has been undertaken on 1000ha Assumption Island and is nearing completion for Madagascan fodies there and for ring-necked parakeets on Mahe.  Crows were eradicated on Socotora, Yemen.  A variety of techniques, including mist netting and shooting, were used.

Macquarie Island, Australian sub-antarctic

Macc bait loading

This operation on a 12800ha island in the sub-antarctic was the largest successful eradication of black rats, mice and rabbits.  Grant managed the baiting of the structures at the base there, was an integral part of the aerial baiting team, and provided post-eradication advice during the monitoring phase.


Galapagos Islands

Galaps Iguana small

 BRS provided a draft eradication plan for two rat species on two smaller islands in the Galapagos and assessed the possible impact on land iguanas of a recent rat eradication there.  Several papers on invasive species there were published (see: Publications)